Cyber Security Gold Package

The Gold Package Includes:

  • Annual Security Penetration Test
  • FortiClient EMS AV and AntiMalware with FortiMail email protection
  • 5×8 Network Security Operations Center Coverage with 24×7 alert and response
  • Windows and 3rd Party Application Patch Management
  • Level 2 Sandboxing capabilities that allow you to execute questionable code or attachments in a safe environment that won’t affect you network
  • Next Generation Stateful Firewall deployment and management.  We integrate your firewall into our managed and monitored log analysis tools and alerting system for security violations.
  • Microsoft Office 365 E3 with added security
  • Ransomware Protection Suite with Business Continuity
  • Day Zero Attack Remediation Services Discount PLUS+

Ideal for Business with Sensitive Data

This package is ideal for the security conscious business that needs to meet HIPAA, COBIT, PCI and FINRA requirements. Prevent known threats from reaching your network with our Gold Package, the most bang for your buck. (NOTE: if you need full cybersecurity insurance adherence for the maximum premium discount, we recommend the Platinum Package.)

With the Gold Package, you’ll get:

  • The ability to discover employee and outbound attack vectors at the internal LAN switch level
  • Automated response to behavior analysis and heuristic analysis of all network traffic
  • 8×5 US live monitoring of intrusion attempts to your network with 24×7 alert response.
  • The ability to proactively address the most common attack vectors by maintaining proper Microsoft and 3rd party patches
  • One of the top antivirus and anti-malware solutions on the market coupled with advanced spam control.
  • Security experts who will lock down your firewall and actively monitor and manage it for your protection
  • Design your network to isolate network segments and build a security protocol for implementation of new technologies.
  • Full documentation for compliance purposes includeing HIPAA audit, Security Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, Incident Reponse Plan and more.

In the unlikely case that a ransomware attack gets through our formidable defenses, the Ransomware Recovery Solution recovers and restores your data and systems up to 15 minutes prior to the infection to minimize loss. We can even get your recovery systems to full functionality within 20 minutes.

Even better? In the event of a day zero attack, recovery services are performed 70% off our standard prices.

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