Cyber Security Platinum Package

The Platinum Package Includes:

  • Annual Security Penetration Test
  • Fully managed security fabric leveraging Fortinet Enterprise security tools. Included: Antimalware/antivirus, vulnerability scanner, EDR deployment and management, VPN management, FortiGate NGFW, Sandboxing for end points and email, spam protection, centralized MFA, SIEM integration
  • 24×7 Network Security Operations Center monitoring and management to include event management and threat hunting.
  • Windows and 3rd Party Application Patch Management
  • Office 365 E3 with Security
  • Cyber Security Insurance Compliance Monitoring
  • Enterprise Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity with Ransomware Protection.
  • Enterprise Password Management
  • vCSO services including monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual compliance reporting, network design and implementation services

This package is ideal for the security conscious business that needs to meet HIPAA, COBIT, PCI and FINRA requirements. Prevent known threats from reaching your network with our Platinum Package, the most secure solution you can get for the money.

With the Platinum Package, you’ll get:

  • The ability to discover employee and outbound attack vectors at the internal LAN switch level
  • Automated response to behavior analysis and heuristic analysis of all network traffic
  • 24×7 US live monitoring of intrusion attempts to your network
  • The ability to proactively address the most common attack vectors by maintaining proper Microsoft and 3rd party patches
  • One of the top antivirus and anti-malware solutions on the market
  • Security experts who will lock down your firewall and actively monitor and manage it for your protection
  • Design Internet of Things (IoT) isolated network segment and a security protocol for implementation and installation of these devices
  • Employee cyber security training
  • Penetration testing

In the unlikely case that a ransomware attack gets through our formidable defenses, the Ransomware Recovery Solution recovers and restores your data and systems up to 15 minutes prior to the infection to minimize loss. We can even get your recovery systems to full functionality within 20 minutes.

Even better? In the event of a day zero attack, recovery services are performed 70% off our standard prices.

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Package details

Annual Security Penetration TestUnified Security Management fabric with AI and behavioral analysis for automated and managed security protection24x7 Network Security Operations Center CoverageWindows and 3rd Party Application 
Patch ManagementTrendMicro WorryFree BusinessFirewall ManagementIoT (Internet of Things) Isolation and Security SetupRansomware Protection Suite with Business ContinuityFully managed Virtual Desktop InfrastructureDay Zero Attack Remediation Services Discount PLUS+

Cyber Security Solutions

Annual Security Penetration 

This test analyzes the entire network for threats and opportunities for known hacks and attacks. It looks at vulnerabilities inside and outside the network to make sure that your company is protected from both external and internal threats. This service provides an updated asset inventory each time the penetration test is run.

Full Intrusion Detection Service for All Network Devices

This service watches all network devices for “bad” behavior. This provides protection against known threats and known vectors as well as protection against known botnets and Trojans that cannot be identified by traditional anti-virus and anti-malware applications.

24x7 Network Security Operations Center

Staffed by top US cyberattack specialists that have performed work for large corporations and government agencies 24×7 monitoring all activity on your network for threats. The SOC provides real-time reviews of threats and detailed instruction on how to combat or stop an attack to your IT department or managed service provider.

Windows and 3rd Party Patching

Every day, new threats are discovered by Microsoft and key software vendors like Adobe, Oracle (Java) and other systems that need to be patched to prevent exploitation. Our unique whitelist patch service makes sure that your computers are patched as soon as possible and done to avoid productivity issues and downtime.

TrendMicro Worry Free Business

The latest and most effective anti-virus and anti-malware solution that leverages key 
threat databases from a central cloud location and feeds all the information direct into 
our ticketing system.

IoT (internet of Things) Isolation and Security Setup

Recent news stories about various internet enabled devices has shown that improper security and adding these devices to a network can be an easy way to penetrate and compromise a network. Our service isolates IoT devices and our setup services makes sure that the most common exploits of these devices are addressed. The service also prevents new IoT devices from being added to your corporate network.

Ransomware protection Suite and Business Continuity

In the event that an attack gets through, our solution allows for recovery of encrypted files from a ransomware attack within minutes prior to the attack or infection. Hourly snapshots capture all of your work in an image backup that can be restored within an hour of identifying and isolating an attack minimizing productivity loss. Additionally, the solution works as an enterprise backup and disaster recovery solution and can actually be used as a server in the event of a server crash.

Fully Managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Have all of your data in a highly redundant, highly secure HIPAA compliant data center with data encryption, backup, support and secure access to your data from anywhere at any time. Because all of the memory, CPU and disk are in the cloud, you no longer need to purchase big and expensive hardware. There are many benefits to VDI, but key is security.

Day Zero Remediation Services

Occasionally, a new attack or vector will be discovered, but not until it has already infected your network. Our team of experts will design a remediation plan and implement removal of the infection at a discounted rate for Gold and Platinum package customers.

Bonus Services

Cyber Security Business Insurance discounts! Because our solution is so robust, insurance underwriters from major business insurance providers have significantly discounted premium costs for customers of the Gold and Platinum packages.

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