Chloe Salyer

What Is a Honeypot?

A honeypot is a cybersecurity technique designed to deceive attackers and gather information about their methods, motives, and tactics. Think of it as a digital trap set up to lure malicious actors into revealing their intentions. In this blog post, we’ll explore what they are, how they work, and their significance in securing networks. How They Work […]

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Boeing 737

The Boeing Data Breach: A Wake-Up Call for Cybersecurity

In the world of cybersecurity, the recent data breach at Boeing serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that even the largest and most technologically advanced companies face. In October 2023, Boeing experienced a significant cyberattack by the LockBit ransomware gang, which led to the theft and subsequent leak of approximately 43 gigabytes of sensitive

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Password Security Tips

10 Password Security Tips In today’s business world, where everything is going digital, using technology in your organization is a must. It can definitely help your business stay competitive, but there are some tricky issues to watch out for. That’s why there’s been a growing interest in cybersecurity lately. In 2022, over 24 billion passwords

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Ukrainian Banks At Risk

Ukrainian central bank issued a warning to private and state-owned lenders about the threat of new malware. This new malware is among the same strand of recent vicious cyber-attacks, namely NotPetya. The NotPetya attack took down a number of Ukraine’s government agencies and energy companies in June of 2017. Cybersecurity officials are taking the recent

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Hiring Employees in IT? Read This First

NotPetya Vaccine

Yet another ransomware attack is plaguing computers worldwide.  It was originally thought to be a version of the Petya ransomware strain but researches state that it is different enough to be its own strain and has been dubbed NotPetya.  Earlier this afternoon a researcher discovered a vaccine of sorts.  This is different than the killswitch

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