FBI Director Christopher Wray Speaks On The Prosecution Of Russian Cybercrime


During a press conference at the Department of Justice in Washington D.C., FBI Director Christopher Wray announced a court-ordered operation disrupting a malware botnet built by the Russian government. 

Before these bots could wreak havoc on devices used by businesses across the globe, the FBI was able to remove them and close off access points that the Russians used to get in. 

The specific type of malware used is known as Cyclops Blink and was implanted on thousands of WatchGuard firebox devices – security appliances and firewalls used in small to midsize businesses and home offices. 

The botnet works by stringing these appliances together to distribute denial of service attacks, and disturb administration of networks. The specific unit within the Russian intelligence agency responsible for this botnet, known as Sandworm, has a long history of destructive cyberattacks. 

The FBI utilized their unique cyber capabilities and technical expertise while working closely with WatchGuard to remove malware from the infected devices before they caused any harm. This botnet takedown highlights the importance of having a detailed and effective cybersecurity plan in place for your business. 

You can learn more about this development here.

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