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As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CloudNexus Technologies, a Louisville-based IT and Cyber Security managed service provider, has been helping their customers convert to a remote workforce setup.  There are several actions companies can take to enable their office workers to work from home.  Even if the company does not have all of the technical capabilities required to completely convert to a remote workforce, there are steps that can be taken to allow critical employees to work remotely.

  1. VoIP: If you have a Voice over IP phone system, in many cases, the handsets can either be taken home with the employee or a softphone app can be used on a personal smart phone that will not impact mobile plans.  Some of these setups take no configuration at all and others will require a Virtual Private Network.  If a company has a physical digital PBX, there are VoIP services that can be spun up very quickly and forwarding setup so the process looks seamless from your customers’ perspective..
  2. VPN: Virtual Private Network is a key element for many companies where employees need access to file and print services, financial applications and other critical systems that will remain in the office.  A virtual private network provides the ability of key users to remotely access securely, information and operate as if they were in their physical office.  An example would be QuickBooks.  If you install the QuickBooks application on your home PC and connect to your work network via a VPN, you will be able to access your company file at your office.
  3. PC’s and Laptops: It is preferable for liability and security reasons that workers take their work computers home with them.  Home computers may not be up to date with security patches or have enterprise-grade antivirus and security applications.  Another option is to add remote access software to their work computer and then launch a remote session and do all of their work from home while on their work computer that is still in the office.  Certain precautions will need to be made to ensure security, but both options are possible and can be quickly spun up.

These three tips are the bare essentials to enable your organization to work remotely.  There are other options for more complex environments.  Contact CloudNexus Technologies for more information on how to enable your organization for remote workforce at 502-440-1380. Our initial consultation is free!

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