Shadow Broker Poses Another Imminent Threat

A Zero-Day attack against a major mobile device platform is likely to occur very soon.  The Shadow Broker group acquired a bunch of NSA hacks, tools and techniques in 2016 and have been slowly releasing them into the wild.  The last batch resulted in WannaCry and NotPetya attacks in Q2.  CloudNexus recommends patching mobile devices as soon as possible.  Additionally, any non-company mobile device should be moved to a guest WiFi network and removed from secure business WiFi networks.

As a rule, do not allow any personally owned device to attach to your network unless you are a virtual desktop customer.  Capabilities exist in the firewall and security appliances that CloudNexus deploys and manages that can quarantine a device from the network if it does not meet corporate requirements. You should consider enabling this capability on your firewall/security appliance.

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