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Principium Technologies launches pCloud Virtualization Platform

Principium Technologies, LLC a Louisville, KY-based managed services provider announces the launch of their virtualization platform. This next step in the evolution of managed services reduces downtime for customers even further than the proactive monitoring and management approach of traditional managed services.

“Despite actively maintaining systems to help prevent breakdowns and outages, they still occur,” states Jay Rollins, a partner at Principium Technologies. “Wherever there is traditional hardware, it will happen. A 4 hour service level agreement doesn’t cut it in today’s SMB market.”

With a fully outsourced computing platform, users will be able to use an iPad, Android device, windows device, linux device, etc. to access their desktop virtually. Leveraging a low cost thin client or zero client is also a key advantage. With no moving parts and all the processing and memory in the cloud, these inexpensive devices can last for years longer than traditional PC’s and laptops.

“An additional benefit is that SMB customers can take advantage of a highly secure and highly redundant platform that they could not afford otherwise,” continues Rollins. HIPPA compliance, PCI compliance, Sarbanes Oxley/COBIT standards and other industry requirements can be easily met moving to the Principium Technologies pCloud service.

“We are seeing a lot of small healthcare practices being acquired by larger companies,” says Jerry Gob, a partner at Principium Technologies. “HIPPA compliance and the risks associated with not complying are forcing the little guys out. We have an alternative that is affordable to small practices so they can remain independent and continue to provide that level of personalized service.”

There are a lot of “Cloud” players out there, all with differing definitions of what Cloud actually means. Some larger companies allow you to rent a virtual desktop. If you have a problem with the virtual machine, they can help you out when you call a national or sometimes international service desk. “But if your issue has to do with onsite printing or scanning, network issues or anything else not directly involved with the desktop service, the customer is out of luck,” continues Gob. “They get recommendations of local vendors that may be able to help out in the situation.” This provides a disconnected service experience for the customers.

“We own the issue no matter where it is,” says Rollins. Principium Technologies extends it’s years of managed services to the cloud by providing personalized service that addresses all aspects of a customer’s IT infrastructure for a low, predictable monthly cost. The pCloud solution includes:

  • Anti-virus and anti-Malware tools
  • Spam Protection
  • Content Filtering
  • Proactive management and monitoring of the on-premise customer network and infrastrucutre (firewalls, switches, printers, VoIP phone systems)
  • Local service desk
  • CIO advisory services
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Telecommunications design and management
  • Vendor management
  • More…

“The beauty of this solution is that there are no more huge capital outlays when a server dies,” says Ryan Cornell, Principium Technologies account manager. “Nobody likes a $10,000 surprise when a server crashes and needs to be replaced. The entire hardware lifecycle gets turned on its ear.”

The following hardware capital costs go away with the pCloud solution:

  • PC refreshes every 4 to 5 years
  • Server refreshes every 5 years
  • Laptop replacements every 2 to 3 years

Another benefit to the platform is the limited (or no) downtime when a company decides to go to Windows 8 or some future operating system. The same holds true for Microsoft Office or other productivity software. Now everyone can be on the same versions of software and everything can be thoroughly tested quickly and efficiently before the trigger is pulled. Then, when the trigger is finally pulled, the change is a few hours instead of several days or weeks.

Look for future lunch and learns on pCloud. If you can’t wait, contact our sales department at 502-855-3411 for a personalized demonstration.

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