On Premise Support

Not all computer issues can be resolved remotely, and desk-side services provide support for all of your on-site IT equipment and applications. This provides a sense of continuity for customers because we will go on-site to fix the issues we cannot address remotely.

IT Help Desk

Choose from 8 hours/day (5 days a week) or 24×7 full-time help desk solutions. Call our certified staff to remotely address your issues quickly and professionally. Our Help Desk is based entirely in the US. Issues can also be addressed by using our Client Portal.

Server Management

Server management takes care of all your patching. We service domain controllers, file and print servers, and application and database servers. We keep them running in top performance and offer 24×7 monitoring of critical services. We even provide Patcha management and application management services.

Backup Disaster Recovery

Backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution all in one box. In the event of a small disaster (like the accidental deletion of an email, a file or a folder), a moderate disaster (hard crash of a server or other pieces of critical hardware), or a major disaster (a complete data center compromised), we can recover your critical systems quickly with only minimal data loss.

Trusted Advisor/Virtual CIO

CIO Trusted Advisory services include high-level consulting regarding the use of technology within your industry. This service is a look at the future of technology and how it can be best leveraged to give you a strategic advantage. Services such as leading strategic IT initiatives and projects, turning around broken IT departments, IT budget advice and planning, project office creation and many more services are provided by our experienced senior CIO Advisors. Our team members have experience leading change at private and public companies ranging from $10 million to $1.4 billion in revenue.