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About Our Company

We are a Veteran-owned company that hires Veterans.  Our company started as Principium Technologies, a managed services company for IT. Through our years of providing these services to small, mid-sized and large companies, we started seeing significant and costly security incidents affecting our customers. We knew we had to help.

Over time, we added resources and capabilities to help our customers protect their businesses better. In the last few years, we have seen significant increases in frequency of attacks, types of attacks and complexity of attacks at unprecedented levels. No longer are these attacks targeting just large companies. Small and mid-sized businesses can experience cyber security attacks that could result in the loss of money, time, trade secrets, intellectual property and ultimately the closing of a business. We give our customers a fighting chance in today’s dangerous digital environment.

Security IS Our Priority

Security is our core business – not a sideline. Many managed service providers and IT companies focus on IT infrastructure and leave security as a feature. In today’s cyber security environment, it takes a dedicated team to keep threats at bay and address incidents in a way that minimizes business impact. CloudNexus knows that you deserve more than just security as an afterthought, and we’re here to deliver.

Career Opportunities

CloudNexus is always looking for dedicated, talented professionals to join the team. If you have a passion for keeping businesses secure and have a strong work ethic, we’d love to hear from you. We’re currently looking to fill the following position:

Special Systems Administrator

To inquire about a position, just contact us.