About Our Company

We are a Veteran-owned company that hires Veterans.  Our principals have decades of experience in CIO and technology executive roles focused on helping organizations across many industries with complex security, organization and optimization opportunities.  Our company started as virtual CIO consulting and has grown to provide services that were missing in many of our consultations.

The most pressing need for organizations today revolves around security.  With our extensive experience working with various regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley and our knowledge of IT systems and business processes, we have helped organizations re-shape their security infrastructure to better address today’s threats.

Our CyberDefense3 platform provides 24×7 insight into an organization’s digital DNA with the latest in security technology.  Our proprietary system monitors for data breaches, security perimeter breaches, internal and external vulnerabilities as well as the ability to trace back successful or zero-day hacks to their source.  Our technology is not offered seperately but as a service to supplement existing IT organizations in the complex world of Cyber Security without having to hire security resources that are in very high demand and are very expensive.  But our platform is not just the technology.  Security today needs a much broader approach that includes business process and procedure development and deployment as well as employee awareness training.  CloudNexus differentiates itself by providing all three.

Our Values

Through intelligent design and creating a culture that pays attention to detail and subscribes to continuous improvement, CloudNexus provides high quality IT services, strategic technology consulting/advisory services with a focus on security. Everything we do has security at its center.

We do not teflon desk: We stick with the issue until it is completed to the customer’s satisfaction. Even after an issue is escalated, it is our duty to follow up and confirm the issue has been resolved.

We do not take shortcuts: Temporary fixes and band-aid solutions are not to be used. Identifying and escalating issues that reoccur with the goal of implementing a root cause solution is our duty to our customers.

We are empathetic: We do not do the audible sigh and eye-rolls when speaking with our customers.  We treat them like family and ask ourselves “how would I help my Grandmother” with this issue. 

We are stewards of our customers time: We care about our customers’ business and know that every moment one of our customer’s employees spends on the phone with tech support is a moment spent away from moving their business forward.

Virtual CIO

Shawn Noble

Shawn Noble
Shawn Noble

Shawn has over 14 years of executive-level technology leadership experience where he has led and optimized globally diverse technology teams in highly regulated industries. He most recently served as Group CTO and CIO for Scientific Games Interactive/Digital where he was responsible for product and operations security, as well as, regulatory improvements across multiple jurisdictions.

Shawn has direct experience auditing, planning, and implementing security-related programs, and is well versed in PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and various gaming regulations.

He also holds a B.S. Information Technology, a Graduate Certificate in Business from UMass, and is pursuing an MBA from Purdue University.

Shawn has served in the US Marine Corps

Jay Rollins

Jay Rollins CEO CloudNexus Technologies
Jay Rollins, CEO

Jay has over 20 years of executive-level technology leadership experience.  He has led diverse technology teams in Europe and across the United States for companies such as Intel New Business Ventures and Churchill Downs, Inc.

With a combination of technology experience and business education, Rollins has helped over 100 technology departments and organizations improve key performance areas such as response to changes in the business environment, security, software development optimization and program and project management. Industry experience in healthcare, law, gaming, manufacturing and construction helps him provide a unique approach with each new engagement.

He also holds a B.S. Management from UMass and an MBA from Bentley University.

Jay has served in the US Navy

CloudNexus Technologies is a Veteran Owned Business