Hyperconvergence and Cloud Solutions

Hyper-convergence for small business: Office in a Box

Hyper-convergence is a new twist on an old concept.  It takes into account cloud computing platforms, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure as well as edge computing devices that encompass network, storage and computing power all rolled into a single “Box”.  CloudNexus’ Hyper Converged solution places firewall, security appliance, VoIP phone, network authentication, print and file services and other applications on a single “Office in a Box” platform powered by VMWare.

These solutions are ideal for branch office deployments where all the system needs is power and an internet connection.  The systems can be pre-configured before shipping out to minimize IT setup.

Cloud Solutions

CloudNexus’ cloud platform provides the latest in virtual server, virtual desktop and virtual computing environments for our customers in a secure and reliable way.  Centrally managed cloud provides highly redundant and secure infrastructure for your employees and prevents some very common data breach vulnerabilities.


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